Cool Technology to fight Climate Change

As we all know we are always advancing in technology as humans. Creating change through cool new gadgets, IT solutions and AI is always on the minds of innovators. Just look at Elon Musk and his brilliance has been put to practical use with Tesla electric cars. Tesla has grown from $15 Million in 2008 to over $21 Billion in 2018. We know electric cars have their benefits to the environment and arguably receives most media viewership due to Tesla Inc. Did you also know there are projects going on using sensors, space satellite technology and in transportation? Let us dig deeper.

Sensors Galore

Yes, sensors are everywhere around us. They are around us in homes through alarm systems, in digital advertising displays in shopping malls which assess our facial impressions and of course in airports. The Environmental Defense Fund (Non-Profit Organization) is working on other unique sensors to help farmers reduce chemical pesticides sprayed on crops. They are also developing new sensors for smart boats. The smart boats find better fishing spots and manage Fisheries in a more sustainable way. Google has also joined the sustainable drive through equipping their cars with air pollution sensors. They have already run pilot projects last year to measure greenhouse gases in cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London and Houston. Google plans to spread their clean air project to more cities. Sensors are not just cool but also can gives us more data and insights to help in our efforts against climate change.

Space Technology

You can certainly guess that space technology is mostly related to satellites orbiting our Earth. We have many useful mapping satellites for GPS coordinates and then some deadly military ones as well. MethaneSAT is a satellite due to launch in 2021, which will help in measuring methane levels across the world. The data collected will be free to use and access publicly. The measure of methane is important because it is arguably the most dangerous greenhouse gas, since it is roughly 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in our atmosphere.

Public Transport

Public transport as we very well know is evolving. Public trains are always getting faster with more access. But cities like Istanbul and Rome are using electronic ticket buying systems that are equipped with recycling bins. When an individual recycles a can or any plastic, they receive a discount on their public transit ticket. Pretty neat way to educate and encourage recycling in major cities.

We always hear about renewable energy and electric cars. But reading up on these other technologies in helping to combat climate change is pretty AWESOME.

Share your thoughts below on what new environmental technology you have read about or may have come across.

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